Seminars & Workshops


Tuesday, Sept 10
5:30 -7pm
Kona Coffee & Tea 
(Palani Road)
Hosted by: Kona Coffee & Tea

$20 (click here)

How to Set Goals and Create Habits to Achieve Them
You’ve no doubt read the quote, “You can’t hit a target you can’t see, and you can’t see a target that’s not there.” Only when you set realistic sales goals and make proactive plans to achieve them will you be able to make positive changes in your business.  Join us at this seminar to learn the keys to setting smart, achievable sales goals.

Wednesday,  Sept 11
9:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Suite Possibilities
(75-5915 Walua Rd., Kailua Kona)

Hosted by: Ladies Artisan Market

$25 (click here)

The Secure Entrepreneur: Overcoming Self-Doubts and Business Anxieties
If being a business owner were easy, then everyone would be one. But along with independence and the freedom that comes with running a business, there's often the whispering gremlins of self-doubt, Imposter Syndrome, uncertainty and overwhelm.

Join us at this seminar, where attendees will learn how to recognize and even “thank” their inner critics, identify where anxieties might be limiting business and personal growth, and how to bolster themselves (and their friends) with positive self-talk.


Tuesday, October 8
5:30 -7pm
Kona Coffee & Tea 
(Palani Road)
Hosted by: Kona Coffee & Tea

$20 (link to come)

Branding 101: Define Your Company’s Building Blocks and Identify Your Target Client
Your brand is infused in your messaging, staff, customer service, logo, website, business cards and so much more. Your brand communicates to your clients what they can expect from your product and services before they walk in your door, take out a credit card, or call to schedule an appointment. But do you know the foundation on which your brand should be built? Attend this important seminar and learn how developing your brand helps you identify your target client.

Thursday,  Oct 31
9am - 11:30am 
Natural Energy Lab,
73-970 Makako Bay Dr., #108, Kailua-Kona
Hosted by: Small Business Development Center, West Hawaii

The Entrepreneur Mindset: Recognizing Your Inner Critic, Self-Doubts and Business Anxieties
Business owners, managers and executives deal with dozens of responsibilities daily: hiring, firing, managing staff, increasing revenue, decreasing expenses, making it through the day, planning for the future and on and on.  We all get plagued by the whispering gremlins of self-doubt (“I’m going to fail, and fail badly”); Imposter Syndrome (“who am I to do this?”); overwhelm (“there’s so much to do and I don’t know where to start”), and anxiety (“nothing is ever going to work out!”).

This workshop will provide you with the tools to embrace the uncertainty, recognize the gremlins when they appear, and even turn them to your advantage. Attendees will leave with simple actions that will positively impact their day-to-day."


Tuesday,  Nov 19
5:00 - 7:00pm 
Location: Suite Possibilities (75-5915 Walua Rd., Kailua Kona)
Hosted by: Alex Mitchell

$67 (Click here)

Successful Sales Strategies to Increase Revenue
Do you have a plan for achieving your 2020 sales goals? Are you still working on setting those goals? Being a top sales person or having a successful business isn’t about luck – it’s about making opportunities happen and being confident that you’re following through until you achieve the win. Join us at this informative and interactive workshop where you’ll:

  1. Learn how to set achievable sales goals for 2020.
  2. Create proactive plans to find new clients, or re-engage with those that have stepped away.

    Space is limited to just 45 people so reserve your seat today!