“We partnered with Alex for the last four years to assist in growing our company and bring in a fresh perspective. Our experience with her far exceeded our expectations for both quality of work and execution. Without a doubt, she has enhanced our sales efforts and is proficient and conscientious in everything she does. We highly recommend her to any business and look forward to continuing our partnership with her.” 
Michelle LaCour, What to Do Media
“My favorite Alex quality – she’s fun and easy to work. This fosters great ideas, team unity and momentum. I’d highly recommend Alexandra Mitchell and look forward to working with her again.”Jim Moran, Founder / CEO – CO-OP Brand Partners
“Alex's experience, passion, and connections combine to form the ultimate tool for business growth.” 
Byron Kay, Kona Honu Divers
“Alex is passionate, resourceful and confident. I am so happy that I found her and was able to work with her. She gave me the confidence I needed.”
Jenny R., Island Asphalt Maintenance
“Alex is able to take a step back and view a project as a whole — identifying the best approach to a holistic marketing plan. Alex works hard, encourages others and always strives for success. ”Cecilie Burleson, Senior Digital Analyst, EY
“Alex Mitchell exceeded my expectations when I hired her to help me grow my
business.  All of her work was organized, systematic, efficient, professional and
most importantly effective.”
Bradley Parker, Tropical Lighting Connection
“Alex’s unique combination of creativity and strategic marketing expertise are invaluable.“
Margaret Blackstock, Facebook